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Glad to see you made it to my site! I hope you will like my pictures!
    A little about myself:
    I was born in 1979 in Sergiev Posad in the Moscow region. In 1999 I finished the Abramstsev College of Arts and Crafts, named after Vasnetsov, and in 2006 I finished the Academic Design School. My first exhibition was in 1997.
    Many of my pictures are in private collections throughout the world.
    The work is done in acrylics and “clothed” in a garnish molding (or baguette). The subject matter of my canvases is impressions from the real world interwoven with my own inner ones, and created only on a wave of inspiration and in an excellent mood!
    On prices and on how to obtain pictures, or for any other questions connected with my work, write to 
    I regret that the photographs cannot always do justice to the way the pictures look in real life, but they give an idea of how they look.
    Work that you like but which are already completed can only be repeated with the consent of the owner of the picture, and then only stylistically.
Tatiana Vafina.

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